What is Bookie?
Bookie is a betting exchange where people from all over the world can bet on sports.

How is Bookie different from a regular sportsbook?
When you bet with a sportsbook, your wager is matched by the “house” (the sportsbook operator). If you win this bet, this sportsbook operator pays you directly. Bookie is a betting exchange - so there is no house. Instead, Bookie is a platform that matches your bet with other Bookie users who want to take the opposite side of your bet.

Who owns Bookie?
No single person, company, or central authority owns or operates Bookie. The Bookie app is an application that interfaces with the Peerplays blockchain. As the Racing Post puts it: “...because of the way blockchains work, Peerplays is largely automated and self-sustaining. No one owns it, no single person or organisation is responsible for it…”

What is a blockchain?
A blockchain is a digital database managed by a decentralized collective of digital stakeholders. Blockchains use advanced cryptographic techniques to securely record your transactions on a public network. Bookie runs on the Peerplays blockchain, which is custom-built to support online gambling.

How does the Bookie betting exchange work?
A betting exchange is similar to a stock exchange. A stock exchange matches orders between anyone who wants to buy and sell stocks. A betting exchange matches the orders between anyone who wants to place or take bets.

How does Bookie’s decentralized approach benefit bettors, compared to a traditional centralized sportsbook?
Decentralized sports betting provides the following benefits for bettors:

How does a betting exchange benefit bettors, compared to a traditional sportsbook?
Betting exchanges offer the following benefits for bettors:

How do I find someone to bet with on Bookie?
Bookie automatically matches bets between you and other users from around the world. All you have to do is choose a sport and event to bet on, tell Bookie how much you want to bet, and post the funds to cover your bet. Bookie takes care of the rest - matching your bet at best available price, holding all funds in escrow, and then releasing the funds to the winner when the sports event is finished.

How is Bookie different from other betting exchanges?
Traditional betting exchanges operate the software which matches your bets on a centralized server. On Bookie, the software that matches your bets operates on a public blockchain. This makes Bookie transparent and accessible from every country on Earth. Read more about how blockchain can move betting exchanges on to the next level here and here.

Is there a charge for me to bet with Bookie?
Yes. Bookie charges users pay commission - a kind of ‘rake’. Commission on Bookie will be calculated in line with the betting exchange industry standard - users pay a % of their net winnings in a particular market. Bookie's commission is expected to be amongst the lowest in the industry.

Will Bookie restrict my account if I win too much?
No. Bookie does not close or limit the accounts of users, unlike many sportsbooks and betting exchanges. Bookie welcomes winners!

Can I use Bookie now? Can I use Bookie on my mobile?
Bookie Public Beta desktop app will be in public beta through FIFA World Cup 2018. The Bookie mobile app is slated for release in early 2019.

I am an affiliate marketer - how can I get involved with Bookie?
Bookie will offer affiliates 100% secure, transparent and automated payments through the all-new Peerplays Affiliate Program, which leverages the power of blockchain to provide the following benefits for affiliates:

To find out more about the Bookie affiliate program, please email: affiliate@pbsa.info.

Who is the team behind Bookie?
The development of Bookie has been supported by the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA), a non-profit organization based in Canada and dedicated to promoting transparent and fair gaming standards for the Peerplays blockchain.

I'm a journalist interested in writing about Bookie, who should I get in touch with for more info?
We would love to hear from you. Please drop the Bookie PR team at Square in the Air a line: david@squareintheair.com.